Having Financial Conversations with Adult Children

Having Financial Conversations with Adult Children

| April 18, 2023

April is Financial Awareness Month. Many of us wish we did a better job teaching our children about money. When they become adults it is even more critical they they make wise decisions. Lest, you'll end up supporting them using your hard earned retirement funds.  

A recent survey reported that 68% of parents had made financial sacrifices to support their adult children. It's often a difficult decision that can stress relationships, impact retirement strategies, and harm overall financial wellness.1

If you find yourself struggling to start a difficult conversation, please let me know. Perhaps we can help.

Over the years, We have helped clients explain why certain estate decisions have been made. We've also helped clients explain why certain retirement and investment strategies are critical and why those strategies were selected in this situation.

Financial conversations can be challenging, especially with adult children. However, with a little bit of planning (and a large amount of care), they can make all the difference. If we can help facilitate those difficult conversations, or even act as a sounding board, please reach out.

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